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We are ready to make
an impact. Helping
through COVID-19 crisis

The time has come to think about our future and to help others. We need
to adapt quickly to constant change and be able to reinvent the future,
be able to hack reality. We are ready!
Are you ready?

Technology enhancing humanity:
Helping Citizens, Health Systems and Governments

Technology is the most powerful tool to overcome this crisis and many Globers are engaged in devising solutions to navigate this situation effectively. Check out some of the solutions we are working on!

Interactive Dashboard

Real-time interactive dashboard

We have developed an interactive dashboard to help governments manage available beds, respirators, and other essential supplies, in each hospital and in real time. 

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Medical supplies

Creating medical supplies with 3D printers

We are distributing 3D printers to Globers so they can print medical supplies in several cities during shortage. We are helping healthcare staff get the kits they need.

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CloserToYou - Neighbors helping neighbors

This app allows you to offer and receive help from volunteers near your home. Find nearby volunteers on the map and send them a message asking for help.

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Chatbot for the

A new channel for citizenry, in order to monitor symptoms, be referred to specialists, receive information or make complaints, all through WhatsApp.

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Education for the future starts now!

We promote education through technology while being kind to humanity.
In these hard times, we invited our Globers to help the community in a remote and digital way.
Check out our educational programs!  

Online Platforms

Online platforms for schools
We aim to help schools implement online platforms to keep on teaching during this pandemic. More than 400 Globers have volunteered to train teachers to use online platforms (Zoom, G Suite, Edmondo, Flipgrid, Hapara, Kami, Pronto). 

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The hour of code online
It is a program aimed to children and teenagers specially designed to teach them programming in a remote way.
Our Globers provide trainings with basic knowledge on programming.


Hour of Code
Digital Education ToolBox

Digital Education ToolBox
We have collaborated with Acámica to create a "Toolbox" for, with educational resources for you to use time in a creative and different way: learning new digital skills. A temporary collection of free and open resources curated by Acámica and Globant. Start using them today from your computer, phone or tablet.
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Globant's DNA: It's time to help each other

Connecting through Mastery

We invited our Globers to teach people how to use a new framework, learn new tools and technologies. Check our tutorial playlist!

Bonding through our passions

Our commitment is not only to inspire through technical knowledge, but also through different interests and hobbies each Glober has. Have you ever wanted to learn how to bake the perfect cake? Do you want to play a song on the guitar? Follow our Globers’ tutorials, made with love!

Tech Live sessions

With more than 15 exhibitors and 10 conference sessions over two weeks, the Tech Live Sessions will display all the latest trends of #Product, #Quality, #Software, #Career, #Leadership and much more. Focused on knowledge and innovation, we want to continue sharing our expertise with our community.

Innovating for humanity

At Globant’s labs we are developing digital solutions in areas including Health, Community, Government & Education, to battle COVID-19. We have more than 20 ongoing ideas in incubation. 


Joining efforts to face the pandemic 

We are happy to share that thanks to the Globers who participated in the #AllAgainstCovid Campaign on April 9th,
we are able to donate $160,000 USD in medical supplies and equipment for hospitals all around the world. 

Be ready to reinvent your businesses and your reality

We are helping organizations to overcome challenges, incorporate digital infrastructure, and be ready for the opportunities that the future will bring.


We are committed to guide our clients through the COVID-19 pandemic, leveraging our digitally native expertise. We have developed a roadmap and toolkits for organizations.


The Ultimate Business Survival Kit for Coronavirus. A guide to help you proactively review infrastructure, processes and communications in this time of crisis.


Key aspects to effectively deal with this crisis. The ongoing pandemic is pushing us to rethink how we do business. Learn how to remain successful and seize opportunities.


We’re living through a unique time. In this webinar, learn about new ways for your company to make your employees feel closer to one other and to the company's vision.

Our mission is to transform
the world, one step at a time.
Are you ready?

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